Our objective is to continually strengthen our position as a considered 'best company' within the motor, pumps and drives industry. To be the best means:

Customer Focus
At Arfon Rewinds, we will strive to assist our customers in developing their business. That is why we focus on providing high quality, future-proof solutions in maintenance systems, whilst ensuring that all of our services ultimately provide added value.

A simple common sense business approachConcentrating on the needs of existing and potential new customers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and the value that they represent. Through dialogue and a close co-operation with our customers, suppliers and our team, we are continually considering new initiatives and evaluating innovative projects.

Creating Value
It if does not create value then we will not do it. A simple way of measuring value is profitability or cost savings. Similar to our customers, we also need to be profitable to develop our quality and services further and secure success in the future.

Investing in people, investing in customersTotal commitment
Our ambition is clear: to be the best in our field. We can do and will do many things to make that happen, constantly developing our processes, procedures and routines to a positive effect. But our success is also defined by a commitment and a common culture that identifies Arfon Rewinds as a company. This culture is built on a set of values that provides a framework for how we think, how we act and how we perform as a company. These values define who we are as a company and dictate our relationships with our customers and suppliers

These values form the platform on how Arfon Rewinds has been built and will continue to build for tomorrow.


  • In our operations by acting with discipline.
  • Towards our customers, by prioritising high quality service solutions, predictable deliveries and a high level of customer service.


  • We see the customer and our suppliers as our partners.
  • We strive to combine all personnel within the company, across all branches and areas of expertise to work together.


We act with immediacy in all aspects of our business, which means:

  • Meeting commitments in the minimum time required.
  • Making decisions fast, but based around information provided.
  • Being pro-active.
  • Accepting change and managing new challenges.


  • Professionalism and the use of best practice are key to our success.
  • We exploit and develop our skills, service, product development and management.

    Profit conscious

    We focus on our existing customers and our core business, doing what we do best, better. We ensure value for our customers and the Company through the constant processes of profitable exchange.

Solutions that visibly improve business performanceA COMPANY WITH A FUTURE

We are actively working on a daily basis to improve our product range, customer service and quality. Through this, we hope to anticipate and meet the needs of an ever-changing market and progress the company and the people forward, towards the future.

We actively encourage our people to progress through vocational training and qualifications in different specialist areas. Staying in touch with industrial and technological developments within the maintenance sector and making the most of their willingness to adapt to changing markets adds to the overall skill of the company and sustains motivation of personnel.

Social cohesion within the company is promoted by good and healthy communication, arising out of a tradition of information and discussion which has existed from the outset.


Our customers should be confident that our solutions and services are of high quality and provide added value. This means that the provisions that we offer should at least meet - or exceed - the customers' expectations of service, functionality, durability and fit for purpose, thereby securing Arfon Rewinds' promise of high quality and high standards.