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'Cost effective motor repair solutions'


Electric Motor Repairs
Our Motor Repair services include the repair of AC & DC motors, generator rewinding and refurbishment, and testing.

Our repair services cover a wide range of electric motors, such as:

  • Random wound stators
  • Rotors and armatures
  • Field and interpole
  • Form wound stators and armatures
  • Synchronous stators and rotating fields
  • Single phase motors
  • 3 phase AC motors
  • Traction Motors
  • ATEX and Explosion proof motors
  • Submersible pump motors
  • Solenoid & brake coils
  • Transformers coils

We can rewind and repair all electric motors from fractional to 3.3kV

» View a "slideshow" of our AC Motor Rewind Process
» View a "slideshow" of our DC Motor Rewind Process
» View a "slideshow" of our Shaft Repair Process
» View the common motor failure "slideshow"

Occasionally motors are beyond economic repair and in such cases we have developed working partnerships with many of the leading motor manufacturers to supply replacement motors, spares and support, which equates to an unrivalled sales service. Always thinking of the customer interests first and offering cost effective solutions.