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'A high tech electro-mechanical repair solution'


Why should you use us? "Because we know what we are doing"

Servo motors by design are complex and the repair process requires specialized repair expertise and skills. We have a dedicated servo motor repair facility where we have expertise to repair most types and varying makes of servo's which includes DC and AC servo motors.
The Arfon Rewinds servo motor repair facility is designed specifically for high-tech electro-mechanical repair.

We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to repair a servo device correctly the first time. If you have ever used a standard motor rewind repair shop without this expertise and dedicated facility for servomotor repair, you will no doubt understand just how important it is for the repair facility to have an in-depth understanding of servo motors. We are not in the same business as the typical ‘motor repair shop'.

We also specialise in servo motor repair solutions' and have invested in our facility to meet the demanding needs of the servo rebuild function. We have the unique tools and test equipment necessary for servo motor repair. There is no need to send your motors back to the OEM, pay a premium price, and wait weeks to get your motors returned... Send them to us!

Every servo motor is tested both statically and dynamically to insure proper operation. Encoders, resolver and tachometers are adjusted to the correct timing, waveform shape, offset position, voltage level, etc. Every effort is made to reduce stray electrical noise to the lowest possible level, or, even better to we endeavour to eliminate it completely.

Electrical components are tested for high voltage leaks, shorts, grounds and overall physical condition. Motors are tested for vibration, current draw, back EMF, torque, temperature rise, shaft run out, mechanical condition, dynamic balance, acceleration rate, magnetic field strength, magnet position and mechanical integrity, brush spring pressure, correct brush compound, etc. On low inertia motors, start/stop ramps are tested to verify acceleration capabilities.

  • AC Servo Motors
  • DC Servo Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Pancake Motors
  • Encoders
  • Resolvers
  • Tacho's and Feedback devices
  • Amplifiers and drives
  • Spindle Motors

    Occasionally servo units are beyond economic repair and in such cases we have developed working partnerships with many of the leading servo manufacturers to supply replacement servo units, spares and support, which equates to an unrivalled repair and sales service.

    Always thinking of the customers interests first and providing cost effective solutions.