P2010The PIAB P2010 uses the patented COAX® technology and is a small "inline" ejector that can be directly mounted between the compressed-air hose and the vacuum hose. The ejector works best at low feed pressures, has a very low weight and can be easily cleaned and exchanged whenever needed. The main area of usage is in "pick-and-place" applications handling small components such as, for example, those of the electronics industry.

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» P2010 Bi03-2
» P2010 Bi03-2 with DIN-rail
» Quick-Release P2010
» Blow-Off P2010


P3010The PIAB P3010 uses the COAX® technology, which makes it small, robust and easy to install. This vacuum pump consists of a cassette with integrated nozzles, non-return valves, silencers and filters for compressed air and vacuum. The P3010 vacuum pump series includes control and monitoring functions such as solenoid valves, vacuum switches and quick-release modules. The PIAB P3010 enables you to decide for yourself the functions you need, and you can eliminate all costly, needless refinements. The performance can therefore be upgraded in pace with your changing needs.

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» P3010 with connections 3x1/8" NPSF
» P3010 with connections 6x1/8" NPSF
» P3010 with quick-release including tank 3 cm3
» P3010 with quick-release and tank 30 cm3
» P3010 with quick-release and tank 60 cm3
» P3010 with energy-saving system
» P3010 pump modules
» P3010 connection modules
» P3010 quick-release modules
» P3010 mounting rail "click-in"
» P3010 mounting rail
» P3010 common-feed adapters
» P3010 exhaust adapter

The P3010 AVM

The P3010 AVMThe P3010 AVM is a compact and modular vacuum pump with integrated COAX® technology and Automatic Vacuum Management functionality. It has been developed for handling parts in applications with the highest demand on performance, availability, energy saving, flexibility and reliability. Highly automated systems with industrial robots and machines used for handling sheet metal, plastic parts and corrugated cardboard material are typical examples. The compact size and modular, in-line design simplify installation and maintenance. The integrated COAX® guarantees energy efficient and reliable vacuum performance even at really low feed pressures.

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» P3010 AVM™ Pi12-3
» P3010 AVM™ Pi12-3 x 2


P6010Based upon the patented COAX® technology, the PIAB P6010 provides up to 40% more flow than conventional vacuum pumps, while still reducing overall energy consumption. A durable, maintenance-free, design makes the P6010 ideally suited for automated material handling and other manufacturing processes in the automotive, robotic, graphics and packaging industries. The P6010 provides powerful, whisper-quiet, and non-heat generating suction at extremely low feed pressures. Additionally, the pump’s compact size makes it possible to mount closer to the point of suction, thus reducing compressed-air requirements and saving energy.

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» P6010 Pi48-3X1
» P6010 Pi48-3X2
» P6010 Pi48-3x3
» P6010 Pi48-3x4
» P6010 Si32-3x1
» P6010 Si32-3x2
» P6010 Si32-3x3
» P6010 Si32-3x4
» P6010 Classic

P6010 AVM™

P6010 AVM™PIAB P6010 (see above) is available with an integrated control option for highly automated systems – the Automatic Vacuum Management (AVM™). This option can reduce air consumption by up to 90%, when compared to continuously operating systems. Featuring a vacuum sensing capability, the AVM™ instantly shuts off air consumption when the set vacuum level is reached. When the vacuum is no longer required after a completed work cycle, the product release time is reduced by a high capacity positive pressure blow-off function. The AVM™’s high capacity blow-off function makes it ideal for handling non-leaking parts, such as glass and sheet metal.

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» P6010 AVM™

P6010 PCC

P6010 PCC PIAB P6010 (see above) is available with an integrated control option designed to fine-tune vacuum pump performance and lower energy consumption – the PIAB Cruise Control (PCC). Offering many advantages for leak-prone materials, such as paper, plastic bags and corrugated cardboard, PCC is ideally suited for automated material handling processes in the graphics and packaging industries. PIAB’s PCC automatically maintains a pre-set level of vacuum to ensure that a consistent vacuum level, and therefore a secure grip, is provided at the suction point. This feature is reliable during fluctuations in vacuum pressure, caused by product variations or changes in cycle time.

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» P6010 PCC


PMAT COAX®The PMAT low profile Pi12-2 COAX® is a pump unit equipped with a built-in blow-off check valve for decentralized vacuum systems. The mounting fits standard robot end-of-arm tooling found in the automotive industry (ball joint and lock-pin connections). It is available with a T-slot connection for the suction cup or a G3/8” female thread.

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MINIThese are small and lightweight vacuum pumps, MINI, with large capacity that can compensate for leakages. The MINI pumps are available with different characteristics, accessories and designs so that they can be adapted to different applications. The Chip pump can be mounted onto various types of bottom plates and, through this, be given numerous connection possibilities. It can also be fitted with valves and/or a vacuum sensor. By doing so, a complete system (Mini System) is created, and such a system can, when necessary, be dimensioned for larger flows.

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L7 | L14 | L28 | L56
M5L | M10L | M20L | M40L
X5L | X10L | X20L | X40L


Vertical multistage centrifugal pumpsPIAB CLASSIC vacuum pump series in various sizes and characteristics. Large capacity despite its small size and low weight. Suitable for a great number of applications as a separate vacuum source or as the base unit of a system with medium capacity requirements. Flexible and simple design that can be provided with an energy-saving system.

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L25 | L50 | L100
M25L | M50L | M100L
H40 | H120


CLASSIC MP A compact vacuum pump for large flows and deep vacuum levels, that is especially suitable when high productivity and secure function are required in mounting, packaging and automation processes. This vacuum pump is easy to control and very reliable. Because it is almost maintenance-free the operation stoppages are negligible. To improve the economy even more it can be provided with an energy saving system.

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L150 | L200 | L300 | L400
M150L | M200L | M300L | M400L
H240 | H480


MAXILarge vacuum pump for applications where large volumes need to be evacuated or to compensate for large leakage flows. Can also be used for vacuum conveying. May also be provided with an energy-saving system and central exhaust.

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L150 | L200 | L300 | L400
M150L | M200L | M300L | M400L
H240 | H480

AVM™ 5050

AVM™ 5050AVM™ 5050 is an advanced automatic, electro-pneumatic vacuum management system suitable for applications where parts are moved through the use of suction cups. A compressed air-driven vacuum pump or several small pumps with non-return valves shall be used with the AVM™ 5050. AVM™ 5050 is also available with integrated Classic pump modules (AVM™ 5050 M50 L and AVM™ 5050 L100).

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» AVM™5050 Control module
» AVM™5050 M50L
» AVM™5050 L100

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