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We meet your requirementsSEW-EURODRIVE AC motors are the ideal solution for high torque at low speeds. Our AC gearmotor is a particularly compact combination of an AC motor and a reduction gear unit with a motor shaft serving as part of the first gear unit stage. It can be connected directly to the mains with 50 Hz (60 Hz optional) - single-speed or pole-changing - but also offers infinitely variable speed control when operated with SEW-EURODRIVE frequency and drive inverters.

brake motor

brake motorAC motors and AC brake motors from SEW-EURODRIVE are AC squirrel cage motors in sizes 63 - 225 with integrated DC-operated safety disk brakes. The brake rectifier is installed in the terminal box or IS plug connector as standard, but is also available in a switch cabinet design as an option.

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Energy efficient motors of DTE and DVE series

Energy efficient motors of DTE and DVE seriesRegular AC motors have rotors with aluminium die-cast cages. SEW-EURODRIVE uses rotor cages made of die-cast copper. This has a higher electrical conductivity. Not only do the new energy-efficient motors significantly reduce heat loss in the rotor but they also restrict other losses. Motors with copper rotors have further advantages including improved control characteristics for the frequency inverter. The motor can also endure higher loads thanks to stiffer speed-torque characteristics. Unlike standard motors, the AC motors and AC brakemotors in the DTE and DVE series have consistent diameters.


Aseptic gearmotors for the beverage and food industry

Aseptic gearmotors for the beverage and food industryIn particular in the production of food and beverages, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, high demands are placed on hygiene in sensitive production areas. Directives and regulations often stipulate a completely germ-free environment. Helical, parallel shaft helical, helical bevel and helical worm gearmotors in aseptic design are easy to clean thanks to their smooth surfaces, which help prevent the build up of germs or bacteria. The drive, as a unit comprising a gear unit and a motor, is coated with surface protection OS1 or OS4 depending on where it is to be used.