Varisco ST-R series pumps are recirculating self-priming pumps suitable for handling liquids with large solids in suspension. They are mounted above and out of the liquid to be pumped, enabling inspection and maintenance of the pump, drive and motor with greatly reducing health and safety hazards for maintenance personnel.

The special design of the volute enables the pumps to prime and re-prime automatically even without check valves. If the impeller should be clogged by rags or stringy materials, the large front cover can easily be removed to provide full access for inspection and maintenance. The entire rotating assembly can be removed from the pump casing without dismantling the pipes.

Varisco ST-R self-priming trash pumps are your best choice for difficult pumping applications: solid construction, easy installation and maintenance, replaceable wear parts. They feature both front and rear wear plates, protecting both the impeller and the seal housing from wear and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Replaceable front and rear wear plates with abrasion and oil resistant rubber facing (except for Sf-R8). The rubber facing protects the impeller blades against wear due to small abrasive particles, reducing the need for adjustment to take up wear, thus ensuring as new performance and priming well into the service life of the wear parts. Cast iron and stainless steel wear plates available on request.

Self-aligning mechanical seal with tungsten carbide faces and Viton® elastomers. Oil lubrication with double lip seal and cavity to isolate the seal oil from the bearing oil and permit monitoring of leaks from the seal from the outside.

Balanced ductile iron or stainless steel two blade impeller handling solids up to 3" (75mm) in diameter Pump out vanes on rear to reduce the build up of foreign matter and reduce the pressure on the mechanical seal.

Impeller inspection cover with large handle, brass wrenches and pusher bolts for easy removal.

Canvas reinforced nitrile rubber or Viton® suction check valve, which can easily be replaced through the front cover without removing the pipework.

Robust cast iron casing complete with easily removed priming cover and lower drain plug. Pressure relief valve mounted on the front cover to vent the casing before opening the cover.

Back pullout rotating assembly, which can be removed without dismantling the pipes or pump casing. Pusher bolts to facilitate dismantling. Provision for casing heater and external seal leakage monitor.

Separate oil filling plugs for bearings and mechanical seal with sight gauges.

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