MAGNUM-C combines lapped sealing faces with a snap lock composite cowl to seal in lubrication and keep contaminates out. Snap lock cartridge design correctly sets the seal forever. Axial rotor movement is contained within the cobalt magnetic field for the life of the seal... Even if you move the shaft.

MAGNUM-C is designed to protect your pump power frame, gearbox, motor, blower and more. Unlike existing labyrinths, Isomag's precision lapped sealing faces do not breath. The lapped sealing faces positively seal, eliminating the breathing that comes with other labyrinths.


The new ISOMAG MAGNUM-S bearing isolator finally resolves the long-standing issues of leakage and installation that have plagued flooded bearing seals.

The MAGNUM-S cartridge seal will fit into narrow cross section applications that previously prevented the use of precision flat face seals. The model "S" features precision lapped faces and O.D. hydraulic loading to assure sealing in flooded applications. Axial rotor movement is contained... Even if you move the shaft.

Mechanical New


A unique sealing solution for motors, pumps and geared units that can save you ££££. A product of high quality and innovative design. Designed to save you time and money. A proven engineered solution.