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'When vibration hangs in the balance, then call us!'


Dynamic Balancing

  • Armatures of replacement fans
  • Impellers
  • Rotors & shafts
  • Fan Assemblys
  • Turbines and Couplinps and pulleys

    Did you know that when your rotating equipment is properly balanced it will run more energy efficiently with less vibration? It is a proven fact that when an item of rotating equipment is perfectly balanced, its life expectancy is greatly increased. Furthermore, when balanced it is less likely to effect other items of associated machinery and plant… and reduces dba levels.

We can support you with our in-house and portable balancing equipment to service your needs, either in our works or on your site.

In many cases, a vibration problem can be identified and corrected at the customer's site. By doing this it eliminates the expense of dis-assembly and re-assembly of the equipment, not to mention the down time associated with the equipment being off line.

We accomplish this by bringing our instruments to your facility and balancing your equipment in-situ.

Our portable vibration instruments enable us to balance your rotating apparatus down to levels that will greatly prolong the lifespan of your equipment.