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WistroForced Ventilation Fans are available in a wide range of sizes and can be ready for immediate dispatch.

Arfon Rewinds... Sole UK distributor of Wistro Products

Wistro is the leading manufacturer in high quality Force Vented Fans.

Forced ventilation units utilise motorised fans to supply additional cooling for AC and DC Motors.

The fan is housed within a steel motor cowl with a die cast aluminium motor assembly. This provides you with a cost effective and easy solution for the forced cooling of electric motors without compromising motor performance. If anything, this solution will improve the performance of your motor.

These units are ideal with motors controlled via a variable speed controller (AC or DC Drive) and running at low speeds, which can result in the motor stator windings overheating, or compromised efficiency.

Force vented fan units are available for most common motor manufacturers. Alternatively, they can be custom manufactured to meet with customers' bespoke requirements.

Available for electric motors from frame size 63 up to size 400 Frame.

Full range of supply voltages.

Should you want to know more about the Wistro product range, please click on the following link to access their website: www.wistro.com

We will support you with our 24 hour service for the supply and repair of forced ventilation fans.