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WaukeshaWaukesha Cherry-Burrell positive displacement pumps

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell is a world-class manufacturer of positive displacement pumps.

If you need a pump for your dairy, food ,sugar, beverage, cosmetic, ice cream, pharmaceutical, chemical, starch, paint, or other industrial applications Waukesha has the right pump for you.
The more than 50 years experience assures the right choice for the most difficult applications.

We have the solution for the "unpumpable" products, like cold cheese, chewing gum or meat.

The unique twin- or single blade alloy 88 rotor design handles shear sensitive products, like yoghurt, jam with fruit particles, whey, or blood very gentle without damaging the product.

The Bio-Flo, Aseptic, or starch pump designs are for specific applications, like aseptic fruit processing, pharmaceutical or very abrasive applications. Waukesha pumps are EHEDG certified.

Below you can make a selection to see more about the specifics of the different Waukesha PD-pump series:

  • Waukesha Universal I Series
  • Universal Series 420/520
  • Universal II Series
  • Universal II Series Bio-Flo
  • Universal II Series Paint Pump
  • Universal II Starch Pump
  • Rectangular Flange PD Pump
  • 5000 Series Industrial PD Pump
  • 200 Series Centrifugal
  • C Series Centrifugal

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A leading European pump manufacturer and distributor, who specialise in offering solutions for the most difficult pumping applications. A product range of the highest engineered design qualities and a pump to meet the most difficult and the easiest of pump requirements.