Energy-Saving Motors

Energy-Saving Motors» Energy-Saving Motors
Energy costs account for 97% of the life cycle costs of a motor - with procure- ment and installation only accounting for 3%. Already now, energy-optimized drives in Germany are saving about 1.5 billion euros annually. How? With our powerful energy-saving motors. Apart from the excellent price/performance ratio and the high degree of operational reliability, they also guarantee a significant reduction in operating costs, up to 45% less power loss and a longer service life. They fit in every drive system concept and cover more than 90% of all imaginable applications worldwide.

Explosion-protected Motors

Explosion-protected Motors» Explosion-protected Motors
In hazardous environments, such as in chemical plants, the oil industry or in gas works, motors have to comply with the strictest safety standards for the protection of life, machines and the environment. With the explosion-protected motors from Siemens you are going further than the basic safety require- ments.

New NEMA Motors

New NEMA Motors» New NEMA Motors
NEMA motors (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for the North American market distinguish themselves as a result of their new design - and especially as a result of their efficiency. The motors, with copper die-cast rotor, offer efficiencies that lie above the NEMA Premium Standard and currently have the highest available in the market.

Motors According to the NEMA Standard

Motors According to the NEMA Standard» Motors According to the NEMA Standard
With NEMA Premium efficiencies our NEMA motor series guarantee maximum operational reliability and a long service life. Designed and manufactured for rugged operation, our NEMA motors can cope with the harshest industrial conditions, strictly complying with the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001, with maximum performance for the best possible reliability and efficiency.

Sector Specific Motors - Smoke Extraction Motors

Sector Specific Motors - Smoke Extraction Motors» Sector Specific Motors - Smoke Extraction Motors
Our new certified smoke extraction motors have been specially developed for buildings or construction sites with smoke control systems. This includes buildings frequented by the public in large numbers, such as discotheques, shopping centers, movie theaters, air- ports, enclosed car parks as well as industrial buildings, staircases, tunnels and so on. Our smoke extraction mo- tors can even cope with high ambient temperatures safely. In the event of an accident, they reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access and escape routes smoke-free.

Sector Specific Motors - Marine Motors

Sector Specific Motors - Marine Motors» Sector Specific Motors - Marine Motors
Specially designed for use on ships below deck and for the offshore industry, our marine motors meet the requirements of the leading classification authorities (BV, DNV, GL, LRS) and have type-test certificates up to 200 kW output. Acceptance testing can also be performed for individual motors by a representative of the marine classification authority on request.

Sector Specific Motors - Roller Conveyor Motors

Sector Specific Motors - Roller Conveyor Motors» Sector Specific Motors - Roller Conveyor Motors
Process roller conveyors in reversing rolling mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers today. This places high demands on the mechanical design of the drive. Our three-phase roller conveyor motors for inverter-fed operation were designed to satisfy these requirements. They are designed as totally enclosed asynchronous three-phase motors, with a housing of spheroid graphite iron, ring ribs and strengthened bearing brackets.

Customized Motors - Special Solutions

Customized Motors - Special Solutions» Customized Motors - Special Solutions
Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of standard motors for the most diverse applications in drive technology, consistently based on the precept of being able to offer customers motors that are suitable for universal implementation and which provide improved operating performance and high serviceability. Despite this, many drive tasks demand a special design, i. e. drives that deviate often considerably from the standard design in active electrical performance or on the passive mechanical side. In cooperation with our customers, we therefore develop technically and commercially optimized drive solutions: your drive tailor-made.

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