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A fully comprehensive range of new products and services that support the maintenance and the continual production of production plant and machinery. Keeping the wheels of industry moving 24/7/365


DrivesHistorically, Arfon Rewinds core business evolved in the repairing of Electro-Mechanical equipment and providing repair solutions that proved both cost effective and speedy.

Our services initially included motor rewinds and repair, pump refurbishment and repair, gearbox refurbishment together with other related electro mechanical repairs.

Due to market forces and the ever changing requirements of our customers, Arfon Rewinds has evolved and, for a number of years, we have developed and embraced new product sales for the direct benefit of the customer.

As an example; In certain scenarios, a motor or pump unit that initially was sent for repair following inspection may prove beyond economic repair.

In cases such as these, Arfon Rewinds as a genuine solutions provider, would offer a new replacement unit at a lesser cost than a repair, taking into account delivery expectations of our customer.

Also as a genuine solution provider we will provide you with the available product options taking into consideration the latest technologies, potential energy saving and cost savings.

Arfon Rewinds has harnessed this customer requirement and is now a leading distributor, repair agent and stockist of a wide range of products, which includes all types of motors, geared transmission units, clutches and brakes, air and fluid movement units and including servo and standard AC and DC drives.