Eccentric screw pumps model series M

Eccentric screw pumps model series MThis pump model series was developed especially for the beverage industry. The pumps are equally suitable for the promotion of mashes, as well as fruit wine, yeast, wine and fruit juices.

The following outfit is standard:

  • Hollow rotor, stator is harmless to edibles
  • By-pass adjustment with angle valve (made of rust-proof stainless steel)
  • Screw thread connection according to DIN 405/11851
  • Undercarriage made of rust-proof stainless steel
  • All pump parts that come into contact with the conveyed substance are made out of rust-free stainless steel 304/4301 or 316/4404
  • Drives according to description with switch 230/400 V, 50 Hz

Eccentric screw pumps model series B

Eccentric screw pumps model series BDistilled Mash Pumps
The model series B encompasses specially developed pumps for fruit distillery. Due to extremely high eccentricity of the rotor, output room between the rotor and stator is especially large dimensioned in order for the stone fruit mash to be meticulously handled.

All rotors are provided with a screw thread connection for the mount of a supply screw. The input area of the pump is outfitted with a 90s mash screw thread, in order to easily attach a mash input funnel.

Eccentric screw pumps model series FTF

Flat mash pumps
KIESEL Flat mash pumps FTF are specially constructed for use under de-stemming machines, graters, or mills. The following characteristics are combined in this model series:

Flat funnel: low pour height of the de-stemming machine - hollow rotor with high eccentricity - vibration-free pump characteristics - slow speed - particularly suitable product promotion control by way of level sensor.

Transported material:

  • De-stemmed and stemmed grape mashes
  • Dripped-off grape mashes
  • Whole grapes
  • Berry, stone fruit, seed fruit mashes

    The KIESEL Flat mash pumps model series FTF are specially constructed for the tight space under de-stemming machines, graters or mills. Order a large feeding-screw and enclosed, wear-free joint.

Eccentric screw pumps model series TP

Eccentric screw pumps model series TPSubmersible pumps, tank pumps, keg pumps
This model series is used for pumping high-viscosity products out of tanks, kegs and containers, which can not be vacuumed out otherwise. For example: concentrates, marmelade, viscous products up to 200,000 mPas.

The product fixing is due to the following:

  • Wall racks
  • Tank lids
  • Crane or balance mounting

    Depending on the desired application conditions, different pump drives are available.
    For example: variable speed gear, flame-proof drives and drive motors with frequency converter. Two-staged stators and rotors are used for higher pumping pressures up to 12 bar.

Eccentric screw pumps model series FT

Eccentric screw pumps model series FTPumps with a large rectangular funnel opening and feeding screw.

The model series FT is designed to promote products with a high amount of solid pieces, mash, yeast and filter cake without any problem. This model series of pumps is used as a high consistency pump with a built in funnel and as a liquid pump with a closed funnel and screw thread connection.

Impeller pumps

Impeller pumpsKIESEL Impeller pumps are dry and self-priming rotary pumps. They unite the characteristics of a rotary pump and a positive displacement pump into one. The working principle is very simple: The heart of the pump is a flexible wheel (impeller), which is made of an elastomer material called Neoprene and the individual wings of the impeller are strongly bent, due to rotation, against the eccentric plate.

On the priming side, the wings spread apart through residual stress. The suction area increases. A vacuum develops, whereby the pump independently self-primes.

On the pressure side, the wings are squeezed together. Gaps become smaller and are emptied.

KIESEL Impeller pumps are delivered in portable models (up to size IP 03) and mobile models. All pump parts that come into contact with the products being pumped are made of rust-proof stainless steel, material no. 1.4301/304 electrolytically polished model. As standard, pumps can be delivered with a by-pass or without a by-pass adjustment.

Centrifugal pumps - normal suction

Centrifugal pumps - normal suctionThis new series of centrifugal pumps is made of milled stainless steel plates, steel grade 1.4301, in a polished construction.

All welded seams are made with computer controlled welding technology. The pumps are normal suction centrifugal pumps, which have to stand below fluid level. They are delivered with a chassis or a base frame. Flanges, DIN screw thread, wine screw thread, RJT screw thread, SMS screw thread or clamp joints are all connection possibilities.

KIESEL Agitators

KIESEL Agitators RG 0, RG 01, RG 02, RG 03 – the powerful featherweights
KIESEL Agitators are handy and mobile units for mixing liquids of watery viscosity in wine and champagne, grape-juice cellars and distilleries, as well as in the whole beverage industry.

KIESEL Agitators represent a new generation of universal units that are capable of meeting all requirements of the modern cellar economy. The available three sizes may be used for tanks having a capacity ranging from approx. 200 to 80.000 liters.

The special features of these units are the strong engine power, the extremely strong bearings on which the agitator shaft is running, and the robust construction. Useless weight has been avoided to facilitate handling.

RG 17 for distilleries
RG 17 for distilleries

RG 0 Frequency adjustable

RG 0 Frequency adjustable
Agitator shaft for drill

<strong>Agitator shaft for drill</strong>

KIESEL Agitators special hollow-shaft motors

KIESEL Agitators special hollow-shaft motorsFor KIESEL Agitators special hollow-shaft motors have been engineered to enable an easy interchangeability.

Thanks to the hollow-shaft, it is possible to retract the agitator shaft so far that the agitator can be screwed on the closed shutoff device (valve, ball cock, tank slide). Then, the shutoff device is opened and the agitator shaft is introduced into the tank. This procedure does not cause any loss by leakage or pressure drop.

To reduce weight, the hollow-shaft motors are made of aluminium die cast metal. The hollow shaft is made of extremely sturdy construction to make sure a vibration-free operation occurs. All motors and switches provided for 380 V, 50 cycles, comply with the German VDE Regulations. The motor rests on a stable base to permit a safe storage of the units without damaging the shafts.

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