Innovation And Quality Design
Vogelsang products can be modified and combined to fit specific requirements. Their design team can work with Arfon Rewinds to create a system that works flawlessly in achieving your goals.

Rotary Lobe PumpCustom Construction
The production team will configure your equipment to work within your existing facilities. Vogelsang offer the highest standard of construction and materials to ensure that the longest life is achieved from the products.

Cutting Edge Materials
Every application of the Vogelsang product range has an ideal set of materials to optimise capacity and minimise wear. Wherever there is contact for friction between moving parts, Vogelsang have developed combinations of materials that will optimise the life of the equipment. As such, we can offer our customers extended equipment life and reduced operation and maintenance.

Rotary Lobe PumpVersatility
The products can be configured and combined in a variety of ways to meet your demands. The versatility of the Vogelsang products makes it possible to get them into small areas with limited accessibility. The HiFlo Rotary Lobe pumps are typically smaller than a progressing cavity pump of the same capacity. This makes it possible to get them into areas where others simply won't fit.

How Do They Work?
Hi-Flo, 100% pulsation-free rotors are driven on each shaft by external timing gears to rotate in opposite directions. The motion of the rotors creates an expanding cavity on the inlet side to allow fluid to flow into the pump chamber. The rotors carry the fluid around the housing segments to the outlet side, where it is forced out of the pump as the cavity contracts. Flow is controlled by the speed of the pump and its displacement per revolution.

Rotary Lobe PumpThe convoluted, specifically engineered geometric design of the HiFlo rotor allows for pulsation-free pumping through the entire range of operation. Its unique design is excellent for applications requiring low shear, highly entrained air, low to high viscosity products and products requiring gentle solids handling.

Industries that can be served with Vogelsang products:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Beverage Industry
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Waste Disposal Tankers
  • Agricultural
  • Abattoirs
  • Well Drilling
  • Ship Off Loading
  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction
  • Potato and Sugar Mills
  • Paper Mills and Recycling
  • Fish Processing

Pumps New

Since 1929, Vogelsang has been providing the right product for the job. Together with Vogelsang's seasoned, professional application engineers, Arfon Rewinds can assist in the selection of the correct product and configuration for all municipal, industrial and agricultural needs.