590+ Integrator Series - 1 to 2700 Amps

590+ Integrator Series - 1 to 2700 Amps» 590+ Integrator Series - 1 to 2700 Amps
The Integrator Series is a single family of both AC drives (690+) and DC drives (590+) that provides the benefits of common programming, set-up and communications across both technologies.

The 590+ Integrator series of highly advanced DC drives meets the demands of the most complex motor control applications. Extensive application software (including winder control as standard), together with Function Block Programming and configurable I/O, creates a total drive system in a single module.

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512C Up to 9kW

512C Up to 9kW» 512C Up to 9kW
Isolated control circuitry, a host of user facilities and extremely linear control loop make the 512C ideal for single motor or multi-drive low power applications.

Designed for use on single phase supplies, the 512C is suitable for controlling permanent magnet or wound field dc motors in speed or torque control.

514C Up to 9kW

514C Up to 9kW» 514C Up to 9kW
The regenerative 514C DC thyristor drive offers full four quadrant control of DC motors from single phase supplied.

As such, it is ideal for applications involving overhauling loads or where rapid and accurate deceleration is required.

Together with the non-regenerative 512C, they offer the perfect solution for lower power single motor and multi-drive applications.

506/507/508 Up to 2kW

506/507/508 Up to 2kW» 506/507/508 Up to 2kW
The 506, 507 and 508 series drives break new ground in value for money DC motor control.

Available in 3, 6 or 12A armature ratings, the feature packed minimum footprint design is ideal for speed or torque control of permanent magnet or shunt wound DC motors from single phase supplies.